With more than 20 years in the wedding and events business, Lorna Meehan, president of Amelia Weddings and Events, offers you her expert advice and knowledge. With her contacts throughout Amelia Island and North East Florida, Lorna and her team can help you create the wedding that you can only dream of, be it small or large. Your wedding or event is important enough that it gets the white glove treatment from Lorna and her staff every time you trust them to be a part of your big day or party.

Lorna was born in Great Britain, came to America and became a citizen. She brings with her the English tenacity to get it done and done well. Lorna says her quest for the perfect event comes from that British “tea drinking” mentality that says even afternoon tea is an event in itself. We promise elegance, excellence and most of all, your dreams come true. Our attention to detail is legendary and our vendor list is exemplary. We pride ourselves on not only pleasing our clients, but seeing business come to us time and again through them via word of mouth. We look forward to making you a part of our very select AWE family.

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